Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Temp Work, Temp Agencies and How They Can Provide Skilled Laborers

Temp agencies in Orange County gather candidates for sending to clients who are in need of skilled labor. The usual jobs that need temp work include retail jobs and skilled work. For first time applicants in a temp agency, there are a few questions to be asked on compatibility with available temp assignments. Classifying Applicant Skills To find out an applicant’s compatibility and availability for temp work, an Orange County temp agency assesses the previous job experience of an applicant as well as their skills and education. The process includes answering some questions, filling up a test, and answering an interview. The temp agency also acquires behavioral and preferential information from the tests and interviews done with the applicant. From the same tests and interviews, the agency tags your skills and will be assigning you to certain temp jobs where you can utilize your skill effectively.

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